Shipping Instructions

  1. Your breast milk should be room temperature

  2. Write your name and order number on the breast milk storage bag

  3. Double bag your milk

  4. Ship in a bubble mailer or small box

You will receive the address to ship your breast milk to in an email after purchase is complete.

Your breast milk MUST be in a breast milk storage bag to prevent leaks while in transit. The second bag can be a normal bag but the first MUST be a breast milk storage bag. If you are shipping over 3 ounces please triple bag your milk to insure it arrives without leaking.

Rings/Earrings only need 1/4 of an ounce of breast milk

Necklaces usually require 1/2 of an ounce of breast milk

Shipping is available for $6 anywhere in the U.S

We can ship to other countries but shipping prices will vary.

Turn around time can take up to 12 weeks from receiving your milk.